There’s another Fifty Shades movie coming out next year – Fifty Shades Freed, and from the looks of the first teaser, it’s going to have more sex, action, and rampant materialism than the other two Fifty Shades movies combined. The first teaser trailer for Fifty Shades Freed, the final, wildly profitable adaptation of E.L. James’ pulp romance series, is here.The film was shot at the same time as last year’s Fifty Shades Darker. These two films were directed by James Foley, following Sam Taylor-Johnson’s resignation from the franchise after the first installment.

This teaser gives us only a loose idea of what comes next for Ana Steele and Christian Grey. The last film ended in Grey asking Ana to merry him. We can see a glimpse into the Grey’s’ wedding and Anastasia’s glamorous new life as Mrs. Grey. She learns that she is now the co-owner of a private jet – which she will get to use to go to luxurious vacations with her new husband. The video also shows that Ana finds out that her new husband is hiding a gun. We can clearly see that they are in danger. Perhaps the physical danger has something to do with the man who lit a photo of Christian on fire in the last seconds of Fifty Shades Darker. But we can’t know for sure, only guess.

Fifty Shades Freed


According to readers, this is the best part from the series, unfortunately the last one. There is one unadapted E.L. James novel told from the perspective of Christian Grey instead of Ana. But so far there are no plans to adapt it. That’s likely because it contains all of the events of the first Fifty Shades book, rewritten from the point of view of an extremely self-serious man.

The movie will hit theaters on Valentine’s Day 2018. The full trailer is coming in November.